Save The Date for Workshop on May 16

Please hold open the date, Wednesday May 16, from 5-7pm for the first of a series of practical workshops on the practice of law. Place: 38 Newbury Street, 6th floor, BackBay, Boston.

The first workshop topic is “You’ve opened your own law practice; now what do you do! A practical how-to on getting and keeping clients, setting fees, whether or not to take a client, and other skills they didn’t teach you in law school (or your prior firm).”

Stay tuned for notices of future workshops that will cover such additional practical topics as:

- handling clients
- pre-trial basics, from filing the complaint or answer through discovery, including depositions
- tips on drafting contracts
- basics of negotiation
- persuasive legal writing
- and more

The fee for each workshop is $100 with a 10% discount if you sign up for the whole series. Attendees will be given written summaries at the end of each session and a complete workbook if you attend all sessions. These materials will also be offered for sale on my website. Check my Facebook page ( and website for further details. Space will be limited so be sure to register early.

Disclaimer: The provision of mentoring services does not contitute and shall not be considered the practice of law. The provision of such services does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the recipient of such services. Mr. Reich has a separate website for his legal practice, which can be found at