Next Meeting on 11/9, 12:30 at the BBA

All: I've scheduled the next group mentoring meeting for November 9 at the BBA at 12:30. We'll have a general discussion on topics of interest and I also plan to talk briefly about issues in interaction with other lawyers and with judges. Let me know if there are other topics anyone wishes to discuss. As usual, please bring your own lunch and drinks will be provided.
Please RSVP for the benefit of the BBA. See you then.

PS: I apologize for the short notice, but given my schedule, the only other available dates were November 21, 22 and I assumed that's too close to Thanksgiving. If there’s a consensus that this first date won’t work, I'll sent out another notice.

Disclaimer: The provision of mentoring services does not contitute and shall not be considered the practice of law. The provision of such services does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the recipient of such services. Mr. Reich has a separate website for his legal practice, which can be found at