About Us

Mr. Reich offers mentoring services, including career advice, to attorneys with various levels of experience as well as other professionals and law students. During his career, Mr. Reich has served as a mentor to law firm associates, government colleagues, recent law school graduates, law students and other professionals in transition or seeking career advice. Mr. Reich provides professional mentoring and advice with a focus on: the development of practical skills; the provision of advice in specific matters, including substantive advice in areas of Mr. Reich’s practice; business development advice; and career counseling.

Specific services include:

-one on one mentoring sessions
-workshops on practical skills they didn't teach in law school like starting up a law practice, obtaining and retaining clients, billing and collections, writing more persuasively, negotiation basics, pre-trial discovery and trial or other hearing preparation
-career advice for, among others, associates in a firm, professionals in transition, law partners considering their options
-specific advice on particular issues in practice

Contact information:

Disclaimer: The provision of mentoring services does not contitute and shall not be considered the practice of law. The provision of such services does not establish an attorney-client relationship with the recipient of such services. Mr. Reich has a separate website for his legal practice, which can be found at www.kennethreichlaw.com.